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The Khaotic Way

DMVbased The Kontrolled Khaos Band (KK) is a powerhouse super-group consisting of extremely talented
vocalists, MC's, musicians, and producers. Kontrolled Khaos was established January 2017 by leader, drummer,
and visionary Jonathan "Footz" Livas. Footz initially dreamt of gathering artists for a project. However,
the dream turned into a reality and Kontrolled Khaos was no longer a project but a band. They sparked a
unique genre, Kontrolled Khaos categorizes themselves with a sound known as 'Garage Soul it has propelled
the band to work with numerous artists such as Goldlink, Lightshow and more.

No matter how big or small the venue, Kontrolled Khaos is able to provide a large orchestra sound or a top
notch small ensemble. After their debut studio album entitled 'Let Love,' the Kontrolled Khaos began to add
to their impressive resume performances at events at the DC Jazz Fest, Takoma Tavern Station, The Fillmore
in Silver Spring, and many other venues across the US East Coast. Kontrolled Khaos is committed to mastering
their crafts, working in a spirit of excellence, and providing others with a life changing experience. They have
released five singles within two years: Break Up, Doing Too Much, The Christmas Song, and Indecision; available
on all digital music streaming platforms. Their current single, “Getn2 It!” is available on all streaming

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Just Dance
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Gettin2 It
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Get'n 2 It!!!- Kontrolled Khaos

Get'n 2 It!!!- Kontrolled Khaos

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